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Payroll Services

Let Us Help You Manage Your Small Business Payroll Services, Providing Easier Compliance and New Business Insights.

We understand how payroll can be overwhelming for a small business owner when there are so many other important things to deal with as well. Get more from payroll services through better integration and consolidation – and preparation for handling ACA requirements. It’s time to rethink payroll. Are you ready?

Payroll Processing
  • Outsourced payroll (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payroll processing)

  • Direct deposit paychecks

  • Payroll reports

Payroll Taxes
  • Payroll tax compliance

  • Self-employed payroll taxes

  • Employer payroll taxes

  • Electronic filing of federal and state tax forms

  • Annual preparation of W-2, W-3, and 1099 forms

Other Payroll Services
  • Worker’s compensation

  • Unemployment claims

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