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Small Business Planning & Consultation

Focus On Generating Revenue And Taking Care Of Your Business

When you are a small business we know how busy things can get. We want you to be able to focus on generating revenue and taking care of your business, so we provide all the accounting services you will need to keep things running smoothly. We can help you customize a solution that will fit your needs.

The basic tasks that are needed for a strong business accounting system include a balance sheet, income statement, bank and credit card reconciliation and reporting on your general ledger. If you would like to include additional needed services we can also provide you with payroll services, tax planning, and tax preparation.

Our “Basic” Plan For Small Business Accounting Services

  • Bookkeeping – Monthly financial statements (P&L-cumulative statements of income and expenses, balance sheet, transaction list, bank reconciliation); pick-up/ delivery of your records & statements

  • Payroll – ‘Live’ payroll utilizing PAY-CYCLE; ‘After-the-fact’ payroll for federal, state, and local reporting purposes

  • Tax Return Preparation – corporate, partnership, trust and estate tax returns

  • ‘Your Virtual Accountant’ – 24-7 accessibility for your accounting and business related questions by phone

  • Independent Financial Statement Audits – Audits performed in accordance with Generally Accepted Auditing Standards and U.S. Government Yellow Book

Small Business “Expanded” Services

We understand the needs of small businesses and hence offer the following expanded services.
  • Business Planning – writing custom Business Plans for your business after client consultations, detailed market research & analysis

  • Marketing / Strategy Development – planning/ implementing Internet & promotional campaigns; experienced “direct” mailing strategies

  • Financial Budgeting – financial operations planning and capital budget planning

  • Cash Flow Analysis

  • Loan Application Preparation

  • Accounting Software – selection, installation & software training

  • Operations – shop/store layout, work-flow and system analysis and efficiency/effectiveness evaluation

  • Personnel – Internet recruitment, selection methods, & training

Benefits you will receive:
  • Profit and Loss Statements will help you monitor your business better, allowing YOU to see developing trends and to help YOU plan for the future.

  • Use us as a sounding board in all important financial decisions. This will help YOU make the right decisions and help YOU understand the new tax laws.

  • Peace of mind knowing your tax reports are correct and filed on-time, saving YOU money in penalties and interest for late filing.

  • Keep your money! The more YOU make the more the IRS wants. We will show YOU how to keep your money legally.

  • We come to YOU each month. We make sure that your tax reports to the state and federal authorities are filed on time.

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